Data Visualization Critique


The data visualization example I’ve chosen comes from the Daily Infographic website. I chose this because it grabbed my attention, drew my eye in and made a pleasing display of an intriguing topic. While some of the more factual information may not be quite as interesting, the use of graphics and design help to spice things up.


The graphic makes use of large numbers to portray percentages and statistics. This helps the reader easily absorb the information while simultaneously drawing the eye in. Along with the large numbers, there is what appears to be a take on a pie chart at the top. This is a modern and innovative take on a standard graph and further illustrates the point.


The use of graphic icons really makes the piece stand out. It helps group information and makes it easily understandable. The reader can just scan the images and recognize what is being represented instead of having to search through mundane rows of text.  The only downside to the icons is that they do make the page a little cluttered. There is a lot of information that is often presented in a fairly small space and this can confuse the eye a little when scanning. However, it just takes a little more concentration to focus on each icon which in the end helps to make sure the reader stops to fully read the material.


The use of color is also notable in this work. While there are many colors represented, it doesn’t become overwhelming and instead works together to present a vibrant and cohesive piece. This is accomplished by using various shades and tints of each individual color and by hues that aren’t blinding to the reader’s eye. The colors are also broken up by using blacks, whites and grays which help to neutralize the graphic and also increase readability.


I think that this site did an excellent job of breaking down a subject that can be very complicated and contains a lot of statistical information. It is presented in a fun and easily understandable fashion and is very visually appealing.